Focus and Scope

EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education is a Scientific Journal that focuses on publishing and publishing research results related to educational problems at the Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) and Elementary School (SD) levels. The article published in the journal EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education has the following scope of the study:

1. Strategies and Learning Methods for Children in MI/SD
2. Model and Development of Education Curriculum in MI/SD
3. Learning Innovation in MI/SD
4. Child development in MI/SD
5. Technology and Learning Media for MI/SD children
6. Concept of ideas, theory, and practice of MI/SD children's education
7. Study of children's education (MI/SD) from an Islamic perspective
8. Research on MI/SD children's education
9. Teacher Professionalism in MI/SD
10. Critical Study of Educational Problems and Alternatives in MI/SD
11. An analysis of the thoughts of educational leaders related to the education of MI/SD children
12. Character Education for MI/SD children
13. Educational Psychology of MI/SD children
14. Education Management in MI/SD educational institutions
15. Islamic religious education in MI/SD