Peer Review Proces

General Review

At least two reviewers will review every article submitted by the author. The review process uses a double-blind review policy, where the identities of the authors and reviewers will remain anonymous. The decision for publication, change, or rejection is based on reports/recommendations from reviewers.
In the review process, reviewers consider the correspondence of the title, abstract, discussion (findings), and conclusions. In addition, reviewers also check for novelty, scientific impact, and references used in the writing of this article.
A minimum of two reviewers will review all submitted articles, and the results of the reviews will be published after obtaining approval from the editorial board.

Things that need to be considered by the author;

  1. Manuscripts submitted to EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education are the author's original work.
  2. Authors may not submit the same manuscript to more than one journal at the same time;
  3. Any conflicts of interest must be clearly stated;
  4. Sources of data used in the development of the manuscript are recognized;
  5. All errors found in the manuscript after submission must be immediately communicated to the Editor.

Desk Review;

At the desk review stage, manuscripts will be checked to ensure they meet the writing guidelines, focus, and scope of EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education with excellent quality academic manuscripts. If it does not meet the requirements, the author is allowed to revise the manuscript according to the criteria provided. However, if the submitted manuscript does not match the focus and scope of EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education, it is likely that the manuscript will be immediately rejected.

The obligations of reviewers/bestari partners are as follows;

  1. All manuscripts are reviewed somewhat based on article content regardless of the gender, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or political values of the authors;
  2. Any conflicts of interest observed during the review process must be communicated to the Editor;
  3. All information relating to the results of the manuscript review results is kept confidential;
  4. Any information that may be the reason for the rejection of the manuscript publication must be communicated to the Editor;
  5. All comments are constructive and are intended to improve the quality of the manuscript or help the author understand the shortcomings and things that need to be revised to the author's article;

The reviewers' decisions and recommendations are as follows:

  1. Received; meaning that the manuscript is acceptable for publication in EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education
  2. Received with minor revisions; means that the manuscript can be accepted for publication after being revised in response to the Mitra Bestari  notes and recommendations.
  3. Received with major revisions; This means that substantive deficiencies in the manuscript, such as data analysis, the leading theory used, and paragraph rewriting, need to be revised.
  4. Rejected; This means that the manuscript cannot be accepted for further processing in EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education by being given a review related to a fundamental issue.
  5. The decision of the reviewer partner is a consideration for the Editorial Board to determine the following process of the manuscript.

Manuscript Revision Stage by Author;

After the manuscript is received with notation notes/major or minor revisions, the manuscript will be returned to the author with a summary form of notes and recommendations from the reviewer partners. For manuscripts received with major revisions, authors are given four weeks to revise the article according to the reviewer's notes. Meanwhile, manuscripts received with minor revisions are given two weeks for correction. When returning a revised manuscript, authors must fill out and attach a review summary form from reviewers (bestari partners).

Final decision;

At this stage, the manuscript will be re-evaluated by the Editorial Team of EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education to carry out the process of checking the manuscript and ensuring that the author has revised it following the notes and recommendations of the reviewer team. In this final decision, the manuscript can still be returned to the author if the author does not seriously revise it according to the notes from the reviewer team/bestari partner.

Proofreading Artikel;

After the manuscript is deemed accepted by the Editorial Team of EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education, the manuscript will undergo a proofreading process to maintain the quality of the content and language of the article.

Confirmation of the publication of the article on the author;

At this stage, the design and layout of the manuscript that is under the EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education template will be sent back to the author to ensure that the contents match the author's writing. At this stage also, the author can revise any typos found in the final manuscript. After confirmation from the author is given, the Editorial Team of EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education will process article manuscripts for publication online on the EDUCARE: Journal of Primary Education website as well as in print publications.